Love , Friendship & Inspirational

Can't you hear my crying calls

Now I find Myself Alone

A Friend Most True

Beautiful Dream.....You Are

I Like to Think I Build These Walls

My Perfect Little World

If only you knew


How Do I Live Without You

Only in my dreams

Hope for Happiness

Old Is Gold, Be Bold

Does The Dream Ever Come True?

Replace Tears by Cheers

You Are Wonderful

You're So Wonderful

You Are As Wonderful As Can Be

Wonderful You

New Friends And Old Friends

White Rose

The Gift of Friends

Thank You

I'm missing you

Missing You

Love You In Silence

I Love you in silence

I Will Love You… In Silence

Love You In Silence

I Promise You to be with You each night

I Promise You

I promise you my love forever

A lot of promises


Sometimes : True Pain

I'll Always Love You

Sometimes Sometimes Sometimes

Slow Tears

Tears in Rain

Silent Tears

The heart of tears

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